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SRG clubhouseIn 2007, the District of Summerland commissioned a feasibility study on developments at the Rodeo Grounds. The results are available here.
Since then, the Summerland Rodeo Grounds Equine Development Committee have been fundraising and organizing events to help promote awareness of the facility, and its need for improvements.

Summer, 2007: Dancing Andalusian Stallion
Fall, 2008: Barley Mill Dinner and Auction
Winter, 2009: “Rodeo Grounds” custom coffee sales
Spring, 2010: Dressage and Jumping Discovery Show
Spring, 2010: ActionFest Parade
Summer, 2010: Youth Fun Show
Summer, 2010: Horse Survivor
Fall, 2010: Fall Horse Show
Spring, 2011: Dressage and Jumping Show
Spring, 2011: Donna Hawkins Clinic
Spring, 2011: Naked Horse Show
Summer, 2011: Youth Fun Show
Fall, 2011: Fall Horse Show
Fall, 2011: Supernatural Halloween Horse Show
Spring, 2012: Dressage and Jumping Show
Spring, 2012: ActionFest Parade